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Multi-family communities, including apartment complexes, housing associations (HOAs), and condominiums, face unique security challenges due to their size and the constant flow of residents, guests, and service providers. Ensuring residents’ safety and security while maintaining the property’s integrity can be a complex and costly endeavor. 

However, proactive video monitoring (also called remote video guarding) has emerged as a powerful and cost-effective solution to address these challenges. 

What is Proactive Video Monitoring?

Proactive video monitoring is an advanced security system that combines advanced video technologies, AI, and highly-trained monitoring personnel who can provide immediate audio call-downs and initiate law enforcement. 

Unlike traditional security systems, which rely on passive monitoring or the occasional patrol by on-site security personnel, remote video guarding offers proactive surveillance and rapid response capabilities.

Benefits of Remote Video Guarding in Multi-Family Communities

Cost-Effectiveness: Remote video guarding is a cost-effective alternative to hiring and maintaining on-site security staff, which can be expensive and less efficient. It reduces the need for round-the-clock personnel and minimizes costs associated with security incidents.

Preventing Trespassing, Loitering, and Illegal Dumping: One of the primary advantages of remote video guarding is its ability to deter trespassers, loiterers, and illegal dumpers. The visible presence of cameras and the knowledge that a trained security team is monitoring the area act as powerful deterrents.

Identifying Dangerous Conditions: Remote video guarding allows for the early identification of potentially dangerous conditions, such as fires, flooding, or structural issues. This proactive approach can prevent accidents and reduce property damage.

Preventing Fraudulent Claims: With a detailed video record of events, remote video guarding can help property management teams refute fraudulent claims from residents or third parties. This documentation can be invaluable in legal proceedings.

Supporting On-Site Guarding Staff: For properties with on-site security personnel, remote video guarding serves as a force multiplier. On-site guards can receive real-time information and backup from remote security experts, enhancing their effectiveness.

Increasing Safety and Security: Residents of multi-family communities benefit from the increased safety and security provided by remote video guarding. Knowing that their property is under constant surveillance can significantly improve their peace of mind.

Increasing Customer Trust and Tenancy: Enhanced security measures not only attract new tenants but also retain existing ones. The sense of safety and security fosters trust in the property management team, leading to longer tenancy and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

How Remote Video Guarding Works

Remote video guarding systems typically include the following components:

  • High-resolution surveillance cameras strategically placed throughout the property.
  • A central monitoring station staffed by trained security personnel.
  • Real-time video feeds from the cameras transmitted to the monitoring station.
  • Analytics software that can detect suspicious activities and trigger alarms.
  • Two-way communication systems to allow remote personnel to communicate with on-site security or emergency services.

When an anomaly or potential security threat is detected, the remote monitoring team can take various actions, including contacting on-site security personnel, dispatching law enforcement or emergency services, and issuing audible warnings.

Remote video guarding has revolutionized security in multi-family communities, offering a comprehensive, cost-effective solution to various security challenges. Property management teams and owners benefit from its ability to prevent trespassing, loitering, and illegal dumping, identify dangerous conditions, prevent fraudulent claims, support on-site security staff, and increase safety and security.

Property managers can build trust with residents, enhance property value, and provide a safer, more secure living environment by investing in remote video guarding. As technology advances, remote video guarding will likely become an essential tool for safeguarding multi-family communities. The peace of mind, cost savings, and increased security it provides make it a valuable asset for property managers looking to create a secure and welcoming environment for their residents.

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