As major carriers drop support for copper-based lines and significantly raise prices for POTS service, New Jersey Fire & Security Alarm Company is ready with a smart, reliable, and cost-efficient solution. 

  • Reliable

  • Cost-Saving

  • Trusted & Proven Solution

Ensure Undisrupted Alarm Monitoring Emergency Phone Service

Most alarm systems rely upon POTS lines to deliver emergency alarm communications. FCC order 19-72A1 gives the green light for the retirement of POTS (Plain Old Telephone) analog technology, the divestment of analog service, and future investment in next-generation technologies. When this happens, many systems will either cease to work or will see increased POTS line costs. We help ensure undisrupted commercial monitoring phone service with a powerful and reliable alternative. 

Hassle-free POTS Landline Replacement

Trusted by more than 2 million users, Ooma AirDial is a leading POTS replacement solution. Ooma AirDial provides critical phone service for security systems such as elevator phones. 

  • Dedicated Cellular Network
  • Reliable Phone Service
  • Cost-efficient
  • Hardware, Data Service, and Phone Service from One Provider
  • Fixed Monthly Rates 
  • Flexible Deployment Options

Why New Jersey Fire & Security Alarm Company

New Jersey Fire & Security Alarm Company combines the sophisticated technologies you expect with the customer service you deserve. As a local NJ business, we take great pride in serving our customers right and delivering security solutions they can trust. Serving all of New Jersey, we understand the needs of our communities because we live in the areas we serve. We’re dedicated to providing you with a custom solution, stress-free installation, and true ongoing support.

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