Top Problems Proactive Video Monitoring Can Solve for Property Managers

Property managers face many security challenges in today’s commercial and residential landscapes. From intrusion to vandalism, the risks of managing residential and commercial properties are diverse and complex. Proactive video monitoring, also known as remote guarding, has emerged as a potent solution to these problems, offering an innovative approach to property security. This blog explores the top problems that proactive video monitoring can solve for property managers, integrating relevant statistics from reputable sources to underscore its effectiveness.

What is Proactive Video Monitoring? 

Proactive video monitoring, also known as remote guarding, is an advanced security solution that integrates real-time video surveillance with immediate response mechanisms. This technology goes beyond traditional passive surveillance systems by actively analyzing video feeds for unusual activity or security threats. When a potential security threat is detected, the system can automatically alert security personnel, trigger alarms, or even issue audio warnings to deter intruders directly through speakers at the site. 

This monitoring approach’s “proactive” aspect lies in its ability to prevent incidents before they occur or escalate. This is achieved through the combination of several key components:

Video Surveillance Cameras: High-definition cameras are installed throughout the property to capture live video feeds. These cameras often come equipped with night vision and can cover extensive areas, providing comprehensive surveillance coverage.

Advanced Analytics: The system uses sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze the video feed in real-time. It can identify specific behaviors, patterns, or anomalies that may indicate a security threat, such as unauthorized entry, loitering, or vandalism.

Live Monitoring: Security professionals can monitor video feeds 24/7 from a remote command center. They can assess situations as they happen and decide on the appropriate response, whether it’s dispatching on-site security, contacting law enforcement, or verbally confronting the trespasser via loudspeaker.

Immediate Intervention: The system enables a range of responses, from automated warnings to direct communication with intruders or alerting local authorities, facilitating swift action to prevent or mitigate security incidents.

Proactive video monitoring is particularly effective for many properties, including commercial buildings, industrial sites, residential complexes, and retail spaces. It enhances security measures by ensuring that potential threats are identified and addressed promptly, thereby reducing the risk of theft, vandalism, and other security breaches. This approach protects physical assets and contributes to the safety and peace of mind of tenants and visitors.

How to Solve Property Management Risks with Proactive Video Monitoring 

Proactive Video Monitoring is one of the most versatile and effective commercial security solutions available today. Here are the top ways the technology is supporting the property management industry. 

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Intrusion remains a primary concern for property managers. A study by the National Crime Prevention Council indicates that properties without security systems are up to 300% more likely to be broken into. Proactive video monitoring systems are designed to detect unauthorized entry in real-time, enabling immediate intervention. By using advanced analytics, these systems can distinguish between normal activity and potential security breaches, alerting security personnel before intruders can cause harm.

Vandalism Reduction

Vandalism can significantly impact the value and appeal of a property. The U.S. Small Business Administration reports that vandalism costs businesses more than $15 billion annually. Proactive video monitoring can deter vandals by announcing their presence on the property through live audio warnings, thus preventing potential damage. Moreover, cameras serve as a psychological deterrent, reducing the likelihood of vandalism.

Loitering and Unauthorized Access Control

Loitering and unauthorized access pose significant security risks, particularly in secluded or less visible areas of a property. Proactive video monitoring systems can identify loitering and automatically issue warnings to discourage unwanted presence. This capability is crucial for maintaining the safety and security of tenants and property assets.

Combatting Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is a persistent problem for many properties, leading to unsanitary conditions and increased cleanup costs. Proactive video monitoring can detect and record illegal dumping incidents, providing property managers with the evidence needed to pursue legal action against violators. This proactive approach not only helps in keeping the property clean but also deters future incidents.

Preventing Fraudulent Claims

Fraudulent claims, such as exaggerated or false injury claims within property premises, can lead to significant financial losses. Proactive video monitoring provides a reliable evidence base to refute such claims, saving property managers from unwarranted compensation payouts. The presence of high-quality video evidence is invaluable in protecting against fraudulent legal actions.

Reducing High Security Costs

Traditional security measures, such as hiring manned guarding services, can be prohibitively expensive. Proactive video monitoring offers a cost-effective alternative. According to a report by the American Society for Industrial Security, companies that switch to remote guarding can see up to a 60% reduction in security costs. These savings can be reallocated to other critical areas of property management.

Enhancing Tenant Satisfaction and Retention

Security is a top priority for tenants, affecting their satisfaction and retention. A National Multifamily Housing Council survey found that 63% of renters consider security features crucial in their rental decisions. Proactive video monitoring enhances security, directly contributing to tenant peace of mind and loyalty.

Key Takeaways

  • Real-Time Intervention: Proactive video monitoring enables real-time detection and intervention, significantly reducing crime risk and vandalism.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Proactive video monitoring is a cost-effective security solution that reduces the need for physical security guards and mitigates risks.
  • Evidence Collection: High-quality video evidence supports legal actions against perpetrators and protects against fraudulent claims.
  • Tenant Satisfaction: Enhanced security measures contribute to tenant satisfaction and retention, making properties more desirable.


Q: How does proactive video monitoring differ from traditional CCTV systems?
A: Unlike traditional CCTV systems that passively record footage for later review, proactive video monitoring actively analyzes video feeds in real time, enabling immediate responses to security incidents.

Q: Can proactive video monitoring replace physical security guards?
A: While it can significantly reduce the need for physical guards, combining proactive video monitoring with a strategic physical presence often provides the best security outcome.

Q: Is proactive video monitoring expensive?
A: Initial setup costs may be higher than traditional systems, but the long-term savings on security personnel and reduced losses from security incidents make it a cost-effective solution.

Q: How do tenants feel about proactive video monitoring?
A: Most tenants appreciate the enhanced security proactive video monitoring provides, though it’s important for property managers to address any privacy concerns they may have.

Proactive video monitoring presents a forward-thinking solution to many security challenges property managers face today. By leveraging advanced technology to detect, deter, and respond to potential security threats in real time, property managers can protect their assets more effectively while enhancing tenant satisfaction. As urban areas continue to grow and evolve, adopting innovative security solutions like proactive video monitoring will be key to navigating the complexities of property management in a safe and cost-effective manner.

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