Stop cannabis business crime, don’t just react to it. New Jersey Fire & Security Alarm Company offers layered security services that protect your business and help it grow.At New Jersey Fire & Security Alarm, we specialize in the unique needs of the cannabis industry.

  • Deter Crime

  • Monitor Operations

  • Stay Compliant

Comprehensive Cannabis Security

We offer a complete suite of fire and security solutions to serve the needs of the cannabis industry.

  • Intrusion Detection
  • Video Surveillance
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Fire and Life Safety
  • Proactive Video Monitoring 
  • Access Control
  • Intercom Systems
  • POTS Replacement 
Have an Existing System? No Problem!

Proactive Video Monitoring

Our Proactive Video Monitoring combines advanced video surveillance technologies, video analytics, and crime intervention specialists who provide real-time audio response while following a customizable escalation protocol that can include contacting law enforcement.

The active presence of PVM is immediately evident.

  • Proactive Solution
  • Multiplies Security Presence 
  • Cover the Entire Facility Simultaneously
  • Reduced Human Vulnerabilities 
  • Alarm Verification 
  • Reduces the Security Burden
  • 24/7 Solution

PVM Technology Reduces Cannabis Business Risks

  • Stop crime before it happens 
  • Ensure compliance with applicable regulations
  • Protect the perimeter from trespassing
  • Immediate intervention
  • Detect and deter suspicious activity with live voice-down intervention
  • Provide video proof of activity
  • Reduced risks to employees and customers

Is PVM Really Worth It?

  • Reduced security spend
  • Decreased crime and losses
  • On-site guards can be deployed more effectively
  • Increased visibility and oversight

Why New Jersey Fire & Security Alarm Company

New Jersey Fire & Security Alarm Company combines the sophisticated technologies you expect with the customer service you deserve. As a local NJ business, we take great pride in serving our customers right and delivering security solutions they can trust. Serving all of New Jersey, we understand the needs of our communities because we live in the areas we serve. We’re dedicated to providing you with a custom solution, stress-free installation, and true ongoing support.

Three Easy Steps


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Our team of professionals evaluates your unique risks and needs and provides expert recommendations.


Expertly trained security technicians install the technologies.

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